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So Say We All- 8 Poems of  Hope

So Say We All

8 Poems of Hope

Based on the re-imagined TV series

Battlestar Galactica


Adama’s Lament

I sit

back against the wall

of this ship

to prop myself upright-

I am in ceremonial dress

I will always wear the uniform proudly


I gaze at the naked ribs of my ship

picked clean by the years

count the black cracks in her hull


the ancient mariners would see

water seeping in- standing knee high in salt


But bleeds our oxygen-

fine mists of air exploding

amongst the stars


I have bled quietly the same air for

4 years now

the two of us, this ship and I, torn apart like

the cleaned carcass of a once fine animal

We are old

The pastures are near

We will be the last of our kind left behind

It is time to abandon these ships



for  Scott


Roslin’s Dream

Buried in this haze of stars and galaxies

Are pockets of hope

These images pass gently through my head

like the ghosts of all the people who

have followed me

the ones I have lead astray and asunder

Bill, I am naked now from head to the soles

of my feet

Bill, tubes and wire fibres line my lungs


Bill and me laughed the other day at my bedside

I like when he reads to me

We smoked something he had found between the pages

I think one of us had hidden there a long time ago

We smoked and we laughed hard

I would like to laugh the cancer

from my body

excise it like we have been excised from our homes

set it adrift into space….. deep…deep space

Shake the chains of medicine from my empty lungs


Bill and I play like playmates in a secret garden

We have no use for prayer

I tell Bill we must abandon this ship

It might be short, but it is still our time



Apollo's Lament to Time

I know you from your past life

when you are just a child

standing in the driveway

wagon in hand

Zack in the other

I still know you from your new life

in the hangar standing beside your craft

as though it were life itself

I know you from my dream

of my brother, my brother who loved

you, who then lost you to love

I know you now as the lost

standing beside the wall of the missing

your single picture amongst the many

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