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"If my life were a Bingo card, it would always spell out

w-r-i-t-i-n-g, p-h-o-t-o-g-r-a-p-h-y- f-i-l-m"

As many may already know, my work in film and photography has always been as much a part of the creative process as my writing.  The gallery is a collection of images, as I made the often-challenging transition from film to digital, and from landscape to cityscape or urban landscape photography.

I began taking writing more seriously in high school, about the same time as my first photography class, and as I was falling in love with motion picture (Norman Jewison’s “And Justice for All”). I was accepted into Ryerson University’s Film and Photographic Arts program, majoring in film studies.


Although a film student, I was introduced to the works of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and the Group f/64. A major influence at the time and up until his passing in 2020, was Ike Morgulis a photographer, instructor, mentor and friend.


Taking a year off from school I photographed Banff National Park and Baie St. Paul, Quebec.  One of my most popular photographs, l'Accalmie was selected by my publisher as the front cover of my second collection of poetry, Abbotsford Station: The Voyage of Rediscovery. My photography is also featured in the books interior.

After a 30 year absence from photography, in December of 2017, I invested in an entry-level digital camera with which to begin my transition from film to digital photography, and from landscape to urban landscape. Like Abbotsford Station, it's yet another voyage of rediscovery. It’s a journey through light and dark and those small quiet places in-between.

Both the array of lights and images in Toronto can be surprising, and often spectacular. With digital technology, I’m appreciating that I needn’t travel far in order to capture the light. I invite you along.


All the images are available for purchase as fine art prints of various sizes and editions.

Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Churc
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TYPE ONLY copy.jpg
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