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k.g. Sambrano is the highly acclaimed author of numerous short stories, and poetry collections. His first novella, The Killing of Jack Little, rose to popularity with critics and readers praising his narrative/poetic style, which has been compared to Michael Ondatjee and Amy Hempel.


A prolific and widely published author, Sambrano's latest collection is "So Say We All- 8 Poems of Hope", a project in which Sambrano writes from the point of view of 7 separate characters from the re-imagined television series Battlestar Galactica. It is a "poetic experiment of unsurpassed realism".



Sambrano grew up in Toronto, Ontario.  He studied Journalism at Ryerson University, eventually completing his B.A.A. in Film Studies. A multi-disciplinary artist, Sambrano has taught creative writing, film and photographic arts. (Uncredited is the cover photograph of Abbotsford Station as well as the photographs within the book.) Click here for recent gallery.


Sambrano was also the Artistic Director for Freedom of Voice—A Celebration of Word (1995-1997) and A Night of Dream (2005), both charity fundraisers celebrating the written and spoken word.  Sambrano is also the past Toronto Representative for the League of Canadian Poets as well as the creator and editor of the League of Canadian Poets annual National Poetry Blog (2008, 2009, 2010).


Sambrano's publicity includes: The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, The Villager, CFRB 1010, EZ Rock 97.3, Television's Motions in Poetry, Breakfast T.V. , Bravo Channel, as well as a panel member on TV Ontario's Imprint.


Sambrano currently lives in Toronto, Canada where he teaches writing Wordshops in the classroom and online.  Sambrano also photographs urban landscapes, often way too early in the morning.




Publishing History (Selected)

So Say We All- 8 Poems of Hope

Short Poetry Collection

Abbotsford Station: The Voyage of Rediscovery

Poetry Collection & Photography

The Killing of Jack Little 2nd Edition


The Woman, The Man and the Price of Freedom (Short Story)

Schrodinger’s Cat

Ceremonies (Poetry)

White Wall Review

The Children of the Stone (Poetry)

White Wall Review

The Spirit of a Tree (Poetry)

White Wall Review


haikutat2 Haiku

Abbotsford Station, Waiting for the Sealink, Whytecliff

ink magazine

The Killing of Jack Little


TRUMP: The First 365 Days

Trump's Modern America: No Place for the Meek

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League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog 2010  – Creative Director/Editor

League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog 2009  – Creative Director/Editor

League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog 2008  – Creative Director/Editor



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